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Postmortem Ambulatory Attack Syndrome - A condition where the corpses of the dead reanimate and attack the living.

Symptoms: A shambling gait, progressively darkening skin which goes from pallid to grey to black to green over time. Absence of any life signs.

Cause: Unknown Cure: None
The CDC closed the hospital and the Military cordoned off the city after a case of PMAAS was confirmed. Three people were killed.
by Olde Skool Jim July 15, 2011
A sequence of photos of a "sick" trick done on a skateboard, surfboard, bike. etc.
Dude, I got a nice siquence of that of that kick-flip indy.
by Olde Skool Jim February 22, 2011
The condition of childhood amongst young surfers or skaters. Analogous to childhood.
The waves were less crowded during my grommethood.
by Olde Skool Jim February 22, 2011
Best friends among grommets. Often inseparable pals who do everything together.
Jimmy and Kane are good gromrades. You never see one surfing or skating without the other.
by Olde Skool Jim February 22, 2011
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