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One of the most digusting types of people that exist on this world. Their hair looks like it began dreading, and is dyed in various mix-matching colors.

They were eyeliner that is thincker than a racoon's black fur around their eyes. ERRRM, thats not attractive, sorry to break it to you.

Usually found around Hot Topic, they try things on, and wait for it to open every morning so they can talk about how harcore they are, and make fun of stores such as Abercrombie and Hollister California.

They associate themselves as being major fans of bands such as:
-or Insane Clown Posse (ICP)

Technically, they are a bunch of posers who come to their realization when they hit the age of 16. They look back to see how stupid they looked trying to actually look "HardCore"
Mall Goth Sarah: -Laughing- Abercrombie is go gay!!

Mall Goth Tim: I know! Lets hurry and ger to Hot Topic before it closes!

Current time, 2:00pm.
Hot Topic closes at 9:00pm

You do that Mall Goth Tim and Sarah..

by OldSalamander March 08, 2007

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