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A Ghetto Drop is an American beer cocktail that is drunk as a bomb shot, similar to a boilermaker or the irish car bomb. It is made by mixing a half pint of Bud Light with a shot of 2 percent milk.

There are several known variations of the Ghetto Drop:
"The Gangreen"... this variation uses Bud Light Lime.
"Ghetto Skinny Drop"... this variation uses 1 percent milk or skim milk.
"Fatty Bomb"... this variation uses whole milk.

If you were to mix and match variations, you'd use a cross over title for the drink. Example... "the ghetto skinny gangreen" uses skim milk and bud light lime.
Ben: You want an Irish Car Bomb?

Mike: Nah, I'll just stick to the Ghetto drop tonight, bro.

Ben: Ew. The Ghetto Drop? Isn't that made with Hot Dog Juice?

Mike: No, no, that's the meat bomb. This is Milk and Bud, bro.
by OldGuapo January 19, 2013

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