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Some wannabe, wishy-washy Hilary Duff Disney Channel wannabe singer who can't sing or act to save her life. Speaks with a horrible Tennessee lispy accent (who sounds like a drunk Southerner) that makes your ears bleed.

The show is even more awful. How are you a teen by day, but a popstar by night? Wearing a brunette wig won't do much justice!
Hannah Montana: Hey, America! It's Hannah Montana!

Janice: *ears bleed* My ears! Ahhhhhhhh!
by Old School Disney March 23, 2007
Anything that's given TOO much hype. The type of thing that, if you see it again, you're liable to check your self into a mental institution
High School Musical
Hannah Montana
Katherine McPhee

Three examples of overrated crap.

Honestly, if I hear anything about the three I just mentioned one more time, I'm gonna kick a baby
by Old School Disney March 23, 2007
An okay city in an okay state. I should know, I live here.

The weather is extreme. It's now cold in May.
Crappy rappers come from Cleveland-Chip Da Ripper and Fat Al.
Lake Erie caught on fire.
Our sports teams do really well, but ALWAYS fuck up so close to finals and championships.
We have a once a year amusement park.
A Christmas Story and Spiderman 3 and Antoine Fisher was filmed here.
We're the heart of rock and roll.
Foreigners love Cleveland. I wonder why.
by Old School Disney May 21, 2008
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