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v., slang. To perform an action that is considered rude or asinine by the person to whom it is done. Such actions usually (but not exclusively) fall into three categories:

1) To clearly lie to, to bullshit.

2) To fuck with, screw with, harass.

3) To suck up to or kiss the ass of in an obvious, belligerent manner.
1) "Did you know that the word 'red' comes from the Indian word for 'blood'?" "I'm a linguist, you idiot. Don't butter my ass." 2) "You fucking suck at bocci." "Andrew, it's a friendly game of ball-throwing, there's no need to butter my ass." 3) "You are a god and I worship you." "I just MET you two minutes ago, so you can stop buttering my ass."
by Okzoz July 31, 2011
prop. n.; a small neighborhood in Pittsburgh. A slice of heaven on Earth; "it never rains in Point Breeze." Where people who actually live in Squirrel Hill claim they live, for obvious reasons.
Jack: "Where you do you live, Ryan?" Ryan: "Uh, Point Breeze." Jack: "What...isn't that Squirrel Hill?" Ryan, panicking: "Uh...no!!!"
by Okzoz July 30, 2011
prop. n.; an area within the city of Pittsburgh. Has the densest population of Orthodox Jews outside of Jerusalem. Although usually viewed as a high-end area, Squirrel Hill does, in fact, vary greatly in terms of socioeconomic diversity. Its main strip of stores is a popular hang-out for annoying tweens who have not yet discovered that alcohol is more enjoyable than standing on a fucking street corner for ten hours. Other than this, it is usually inhabited by drug lords, the homeless, and street performers. For these reasons, Squirrel Hill is definitively sophisticated.
I used to go to Squirrel Hill to hang out with friends every Friday, before we found out that everything closes at eight-thirty and that it is much more fun to have sex with drunk women.
by Okzoz July 30, 2011
Someone who realizes that acting in their own rational self-interest is more important than living up to other people's expectations or trying to please society; someone who is proud of their own accomplishments and knows that his life has great value.
Some people say that Stan is an asshole, but he's really just an egoist and is perfectly reasonable and friendly.
by Okzoz May 07, 2011
N. see egoist. See also: sweet as fuck.
He's sweet as fuck...he's a Cetra.
by Okzoz May 04, 2011
Noun. A mental device used to measure, usually on a 1-to-10 scale, how much you care or give a fuck. Not useful for articulating high degrees of giving-a-fuck, but perfectly useful for insinuating how little fuck you actually give.
I did too, but my giving-a-fuck meter is at like 0.3 right now.
by Okzoz May 06, 2011
prop. n.; a Catholic college located in Pittsburgh, PA attended by students either unable to afford the University of Pittsburgh. Freshmen enjoy Duquesne for about three weeks before realizing that, in fact, they do not wish to relive high school socially and academically, or when they realize that they cannot have sex with their significant others without a priest trying to knock down the dorm-room door.
Josh spent his four years at Duquesne University partying on Pitt's campus because having a good time was permitted there.
by Okzoz July 31, 2011

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