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1 definition by Ohstrangeone

When a guy is with a girl who treats him like complete shit and not only does he stay with her but he also thinks it's somehow his fault, or at the very least not her fault. The real reason for this is that she's really hot and lets him stick his dick in her, and he also probably thinks that it would be very difficult if not impossible for him to get a girl this hot again. He will NOT admit this.

All his friends will tell him what a bitch she is. He will not listen, he will make excuses for her, he may even get rid of his friends if she tells him to do so.

He will likely look back on it after the pussy fog has cleared (this can take several months or even years after the relationship has ended, though it usually ceases after sex with her does) and wonder what the FUCK he was thinking.

His friends will then get to say "I told you so", and they will deserve to be able to do so.
Man, Voz's girlfriend is SUCH a fucking bitch to him, why can't he see that?!

Pussy fog, man, he can't see, can't help it. Poor bastard...
by Ohstrangeone December 23, 2009