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The name for the best person on the world that you'd ever know. She's fun to talk to, and she would be there for you in a heart beat. She is also the type of person you'd want to get to know and be best of friends with. She's insanely awesome and amazing. You'd be glad you even got out of bed on a bad day because she'd make your day. She'll always be the best person to go to, and you can trust her, most likely. She is spontaneous and exciting. It would be hard not to love this person.
Jayce is so cool and fun to hangout with, but Tonya is even more amazing. I love her.
by OhShitItsMeeeee December 24, 2009
To leave, also has the same meaning as "bounce."
Hey bro, let's dip.

by OhShitItsMeeeee June 04, 2010
Get the fuck off my tits. The female version of "Get the fuck off my nuts."
dude, GTFOMT. Puhlease.
by OhShitItsMeeeee June 04, 2010

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