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The cesspit that is made of opinion, lost hopes and dreams.

Often used to

1.make people feel better about themselves

or to

2.worship their partners / crushes
Posts on Urbandictionary might look like this ...

1.Defenition of James - An awesome Guy who is totally awesome and an awesome stud and oh yeah, he is awesome.

2.Defenition of Holly - A sexy woman who is the best woman ever in bed and is clever and cute.

(or more accurately)

1. Defenition of James - a awsom gy who i's ttally awes0me an a stud two and oh yer he os awesoem!!11!!1!1!!

2. Defenition of Holly - a sxy women hoo is teh bst ever women in bed and is intelijent and hawt!!1!!!11!!
by oggleboggle October 18, 2010
GDABIH - Go Die And Burn In Hell

An acronym for Go Die And Burn In Hell. Should only be used in text speak, If you are so lazy that you actually say G-D-A-B-I-H then the insult has just failed.
Me - Go Die And Burn In Hell
Person 1 - *Cried*
(Later that day)
Person 1 - *Texts Friend* That guy just told me to GDABIH and I cried...
Person 2 - Man up
by Oggleboggle October 18, 2010
When you type diagonally downwards towards to centre of the keyboard to meet at the centre.

One half would be ------- qazwsxedcrfvtg
The other half would be - plmoknijbuhvyg

putting the first letter of the first half of the keyboard(q), followed by the first letter of the second half (p) and so on... Caused by extreme boredom
Hey, lets be clever and find something that hasn't been searched yet!

*types qpalzmwoskxneidjcbrufhvtytg into google* Hey look, no results! Lets write a description on Urban Dictionary... (yeah, I just made an origional Google post)
by OggleBoggle October 14, 2010

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