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The action of taking a mans Man Card when an act of unmanliness has been committed. This is only temporary, as a man card can never be taken away, only temporarily revoked. Once a manly act has been completed (ex: Chug several beer, remove sink with bear hands, build something with a power tool, etc) the Man Card can and will be reinstated.

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You all went and saw the Twilight movies? Gentlemen, I'm about to Revoke a Man Card.
#man card #mancard #official man card #man card revocation #unmanliness #revoke
by OfficialManCard February 05, 2011
An Official Man Card is the Worlds Only Authentic Man Card that is issued by OfficialManCard.com. It is an actual, tangible, plastic hold in your hand Man Card that comes printed with your Name, Unique Member number and Flag of your country of origin, as well as a Certificate of Authenticity and Two Revocation cards - when your buddies do something unmanly.
Jeff went and saw Sex and the City Two, We've got to revoke his Official Man Card!
#man card #mancard #official man card #man card revocation #revoke a man card
by OfficialManCard February 05, 2011
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