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A female mannequin that's been shaped to have an outrageously huge rack. Double D tittows at minimum. Often placed in the front window of a smut shop and dressed in naughty school girl or Sailor Moon whorewear to show off the merchandise for passersby. Most guys would seriously consider banging one of these things if given the chance...
A guy and his flat-chested girl walk by the local Triple X Emporium when she sees him eyeballing a large breasted display dummy.
Girlfriend: "Were you just lusting over that slut nurse in the window?!"
Guy: "What? Uh...hell no, baby, I wasn't eyeing that mammequin at all, just the outfit! I was thinking how hot it would look on you!"
Girl sighs contentedly as Guy wonders if banging a mammequin's illegal...
by Odiumrex October 01, 2012
The depressed shit pile (invariably a dude) slumped over at the corner end of the bar when you enter the joint and who is still there when you leave...just more slumped over and depressed by that time. Wants people to ask him what's wrong, especially the cute bartender, but instead should be given a shot of cyanide on the house to end his miserable existence. Mostly likely became a bar-ender after his recent break-up with a hood rat.
"Shit, man, it took you forever to get the drinks."
"I got to close to the bar-ender and he had to tell me his tale of woe..."
"Let me guess; his hole left him for better dick!"
"No doubt."
by OdiumRex July 27, 2012

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