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Your 'private square' is an invisible square that covers the top of your chest to just below your 'privates'. When someone (ie a rapist) moves to touch you inappropriately in this area, you must show them your 'Private Square'.

*Hold hand out in a stop sign*
STOP, don't touch me there!
*Do a 4 point motion of the square*
This is my private Square!
*Move arms rigidly up and down*
R. A. P. E!
*Point finger in a nagging motion*
Keep your hands away from me!
*Flail arms wildly as if you've just won the argument*
BITCH, go rape someone else!
Elly: I was almost totally raped last night
Nick: Oh my God, are you alright?
Elly: Yeh, I showed him my private square and he ran away, defeated.
by Octopusraves February 01, 2011

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