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During anal sex, severe penetration causes rectal prolapse at which point the male partner proceeds to jizz inside the prolapsed butthole, only to gobble it up seconds later.
"Yo how was Tenjune last night?"
"Awesome, I heard Constantine gave some grenade a red velvet twinkie."
"Dude, that girl was a snook."
by Octavian DuBois February 04, 2010
To be the center of attention, like the clown is at the circus. This term is used especially to describe success in spitting game, picking up women, or slaying. Derivatives of the term include: wearing a mask. To be "wearing a mask" is simply to be clowning. Therefore, if you are not "wearing a mask" then you are not clowning and are probably not slaying.
"I heard Carlos got robbed last night"

"He was not clowning"

"He was not wearing a mask"
by Octavian DuBois April 26, 2010

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