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A person that is both exceedingly tall and skinny with small eyes that resemble those of a shrimp (shrimp eyes). Often a "Chrimp" will be over 6 feet tall but weigh under 130 lbs.
Actors John Hawkes and DJ Qualls. Historical figure Abraham Lincoln.

"Make sure you roll your car windows all the way up or a chrimpy mother fucker will reach through that crack and get your shit!"

"My friend is such a chrimp he makes pants out of dryer hose."

"That guy is so chrimpy his fingers look like pool ques"
by Octagonatron July 06, 2009
The neck of a dirty seagull, often prepared in the Pacific Northwest with a twist of lime in a brackish broth.

The smell emitted by a hobos beard, usually the beard of a beach fairing hobo.

The beard of a beach bum.

The unkept beard of a fisherman.

A beard that smells of fish and or has pieces of fish stuck in it.

The pieces of fish stuck in facial hair.
"Last night at the restaurant I order a bowl of sneck and it didn't come with any beak so i got all aggro and choked the chrimpy waiter!"

"I don't like going to Kayak Point because theirs always hobos down there and it wreaks of sneck."

The beach hobo had a dirty, greasy beard and when I would drive by I would yell "Hey you Godamn hobo! Wash your filthy sneck you piece of homeless shit!".

The sneck of the fisherman had collected so many scales the seagulls would follow him wherever he would go.

The greasy hobo would lie on his back and allow the seagulls to carefully clean it.

When traveling in Italy, be sure to indulge in a local delicacy, flat bread baked with fresh bits of sneck picked from the beards of the towns most beautiful women.
by Octagonatron July 14, 2009

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