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Gangstalking appears to be a Government Program/experiment of "in the field" testing of less-lethal chemical, electronic and biological weapons, along with complimentary psychological operations that are imposed on victims and targeted communities in the United States and other countries within the control of certain agencies.

The excuse for these assaults/attacks appears to be fighting terrorism.

Assaulting innocent people without due process is against the laws of the United States, although the Patriot Act has subverted our rights as US citizens, but I believe that these amended Patriot Act provisions would not stand a legal challenge under lawful conditions.
I became a gangstalking victim as a potential (not actual or ever would be) witness against a narcotics trafficker, sex offender and possible murder, an organised crime person (by their own claims) and made person (by their associates claims) for the largest and richest organised crime group in the US and elsewhere.

They could also be a snitch against their own associates/people for some three letter agency, which would explain the government angle to these organised assaults against me.

This person "lost it" and launched these attacks/lies out of fear of being outed by me for their crimes and questionable discretions.

They feared my credibility, which a private investigator confirmed.

The main goal of "Gangstalking" is to discredit the victim and/or to cause the ruination or end of their life, possibly including their death and/or the deaths of others.

The bigger the incident (makes the news, although not reported accurately), the more successful the Gangstalking operation is.

We all need to come together and stop these directed organised assaults against innocent Americans and all others.
by Observer4us December 01, 2011
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