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1--Noun Describing a Place - Relaxed, Chill, A "Good-time"

2--Noun Describing a Thing - Sick, Wicked, Baller, Insane, Nasty, Cool, Sweet, Nice

The word is used primarily in the Northeast US with the whole skate, surf, ski culture. It's exact place of origin was The Cape or as foreigners know it, Cape Cop...

(Not to be confused with Stag)
-Yo Man, that was a stagg party last night
-Yeah bro, totally, it was really chill

-Dude, you see those waves
-Yeah man, they look so stagg
-Totally, they must be riding really nice

It can also be used in the following ways:
To describe how great something is: "This car is stagg!"
To show amazement: "Wow, that game is so stagg!"
To describe the weather: "Man, it's such a stagg day today!"

Another way to use it, if you really want to sound like you are from the Northeast, say "Wicked Stagg"
by Obee June 27, 2007
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