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1. When you just broke up with your girl/boyfriend and it is November and it just happens to be raining

2. A guns n' Roses song with Axl on the piano.
...Lovers always come and lovers always go and no ones really sure whos letting go today...
by oasis July 05, 2004
a crazy girl who is a speed demon behind the wheel, refuses to eat atherton, puts up w/ her american roommate, likes to shop a lot (if it were a career, she'd be doing it), very easy to get along with, likes to laugh, and eat cheez-its.
I met this girl today and she is so like a hadeel.
by Oasis February 01, 2005
A very jappy and nice brand of clothing. Sometimes reffered to as tits and ass, it really stands for talula national athletics. If you see a girl wearing the classic tna tracksuit tucked into thier Uggs, you can pretty much tell that they are a spoiled (and fabulous) brat.
That bitch is wearing enough tna to sink the aritzia ship.
by oasis December 20, 2004
The one you want to spend the rest of your life with, your only reason for life. Oasis
You're gonna be the one that saves me, And after all, You're my wonderwall.....
by Oasis August 23, 2004
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