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Day 9 is a Caster for a widely popular Vlog for the video game StarCraft II. He is by and large the sexiest male nerd alive. He teaches people to "Be a better gamer" and does so in a persuasive, funny, and encouraging manner. To call someone a Day9, is a great honor to both the caster, and recipient of the compliment.
Dude, that's so Day9 of you.
Let's practice, and you can be my Day9.

I wish my professor was a Day9.
by Oakstaff January 09, 2012
1) When a person jumps into the water from a high height to produce a large splash.

2) An Atari game long out of commission.

3) When someone wears too little clothing into a public shopping area, while also being obscenely obese.
Dude! See that chick? What a Human Cannonball!

Eew, do you see the human cannonball on aisle 3?
by Oakstaff January 09, 2012

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