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3 definitions by OREE'er

to be prance in joy or bliss.
Jhon Henderson ooreed in the meadow as his dad came home.
by OREE'er October 08, 2007
To be fantastic and fabulous all is one AND than tramendous; so good as to almost be unreal; Marvelous and attracting.
SHUCKS! i got a 100 percent on that test Ms.Willams! jee willickers i did Fantabulous!!!
by OREE'er October 08, 2007
A type of hard, salty dog food; any type of dog food can be refered to as, Crunchy Nuggets
Wow bruiser! your really wolfing down those Crunchy Nuggets tonight arn'cha bud!
by OREE'er October 08, 2007