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A FLYING SUNDAY is when you take a girl/guy (depending on your sexual preference) and suspend her by all four lims by ropes. You then take whiped cream and hot fuge and cover the girl/guy in whiped cream and hot fuge and optional strawberrys. You then take a banana and cut it in half and then put it in the girl/guys vagina/asswhole finaly smash that banana with your penis violently.
Oh Becky my asswhole hurts so bad! Last night Brad gave me the FLYING SUNDAY!
by OPPkiller December 23, 2010
A Kraken is a womans vagina typicly a nasty one. A Kraken can also be a female who is controled by her Kraken when the Kraken (the person) does not feed her Kraken it is even able to swalow a man whole or a woman if it is lesbian or just that desprite.
Watch out Rob here comes Jenny the Queen Kraken she just might swalow you whole and you may never get out!
by OPPkiller February 24, 2011

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