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a person who is no longer a little girl, but refuses to give up the essence of such. is obbsesed w/ everything beauty related. best friend is possibly clinically insane but there is no proof on such subject yet. people tend to think her older than she is. is truthful, if she doesn't like you, then she will tell you straight up; to your face no less. she doesnt care if u hate her. is a closet nerd and a closet sensitive. doesnt really like the fact that her best friend has moved... twice w. dif people. hates the fact that there is so much space between were she lives and them. enjoys life. laziest girl you will ever meet. enjoys knowing more than the teacher's. every person has a leah in their life. she is the "rock" in her groups of friends and keeps them from floating away, like silly little balloons. enjoys the fact that she is veiwed as a peer to most people, no matter their age. is often thought to be precognitive as she seems to have de ja vu quite often. loves her friends and boyfriend to the max compacity of her ability. is often told that she is gorgeus. often rejects complements, is used to times before she was pretty, when she was made fun of. doesnt take what you say lightly. speaks sarcasm as a first language, second is english, all others reign last. feels that everyone should be her best freind.
"that girl, she reminds me this movie star."

"dont tell her that, she hates to hear compliments, she says she wants to be judged otherwise."

"what a silly, yet down to earth girl"

"what did you expect?...she's a leah!"

by OOOOOOO.oooooooooooo October 11, 2009

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