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Man: Soceities expectation for you to conform to (marry) a man..when in reality this is not something you have to submit to..

Men in the 1950's used the wages as a tool for abuse,eg.financial abuse,where you can beat the shit out of your woman because YOU CAN.YOU OWN THE WAGES RIGHT?
Men typically own the homes then too..SO THEY CAN KICK YOU OUT FOR A YOUNGER (MORE STUPIDER VERSION OF YOU)..Just when you got wise to him (eg passed the age of 12 to 15)..

Men used women as a tool for abuse in the workplace also,can be seen in any workplace even today in the 00's..Where a woman on maternity leave may get even FURTHER pushed out of her job by a mysoginistic piece of shit who cannot even do half the work you do..or match an average days workload but still get PAYED TWICE THE AMOUNT..WHO'S THE EXPENSE NOW?

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