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When you can see straight down a chicks top and you pop a boner looking down her boobs.
1:Shit dude! Look over there

2:Holy crap man Cleavage Avenue

1&2:Sproing !
by OMG Scottish KID June 11, 2009
When 3-6 guys do each other up the ass and the person at then end of the "train" makes twoot twwot noises.
DOOD1: Man yesterday those four guys were having a hump train!


DOD1: I know
by OMG Scottish KID June 09, 2009
A word used to describe something/somethign that is really cool or that you think just rocks !
dude1: Man star trek was prime

dude2: I know it was awesome !

Luke: You know who is awesome

Stephan: Who ?!

Luke: Luke Arthur
by OMG Scottish KID June 07, 2009
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