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another way of saying "wake and bake". basically you wake up and smoke some weed aka wake and bake, rise with red eyes, turn and burn, oj and roll j, big bowl of raisin bran, big bowl of resin MAN!, listeriene and mr. green, scope and dope, pillow and billow, puffin muffin, pancake and bake, mach 3 turbo and pack that herbo, Arm and Hammer Baking Soda and Peroxide Extra Whitening Toothpaste and...

...Smoke some fuckin' WEED!!
stoner 1: yo man lets rise with red eyes tomo morning
stoner 2: word, lets do it

stoner 1: yo wake up
stoner 2: huh what
stoner 1: rise with red eyes (hands stoner 2 the blunt)
by OJ and ROLL J January 28, 2009

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