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dub-t adj: Derived from W.T. an abbreviation for WHITE TRASH. noun: A popular brand of clothing originated in Southern California.
That dude eating his boogars is total "dub-t".

I bought this pimp "dub-t" shirt at dub-t.com.
by OGdub-t March 17, 2004
Something my drunk ass cousin says when he can no longer utter normal words.
Hot chic: "hey good lookin, can I get your number."

Cousin Rex: pointing to me "FAMILEEEE" as to say, "my cousin will give you the digits beautiful".
by OGdub-t March 17, 2004
A socio-economic group describing poor WHITE TRASH Americans.


Poor Whites are the upper-lower class.
Everytime you go to a lower class neighborhood you find cockroaches.
But when you go to an upper-lower class neighborhood you find waterbugs!
by OGdub-t March 22, 2004
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