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Bud. Weed. Pot. Dro.
"Gans", is Detroit slang. Used for any bud that is good, green, weed. Gans is the bud your dealer always has. Usually pretty cheap, ranging in price depending on it's quality, which can be anywhere between mids and chrons

You can hear Big Herk, a Detroit Rapper, mention gans in a few of his songs
Also spelled ganz or gands sometimes
"You got them gans?"
"I'll throw a bowl of gans."
"A: You pick up from marc?
B: Yeah I got an eighter sack of them gans."
"Strong like gans when that shit first lit" ~ Big Herk
by OG Gooch Man January 15, 2009
Great, high quality, marijuana
"I only smoke chrons, none of that shitty regs"
"I got some gans for 45 an eighth, or some good chrons for 75"
by OG Gooch Man January 15, 2009
"Sniper tokes" are hits from a tall bong.
Usually a tall, but thin, bong. resembling the long barrel of a sniper rifle.
"You guys wanna do some sniper tokes?"
"I got killed by the sniper dude. KO'ed from that sniper toke"
by OG Gooch Man January 15, 2009
People who often get cashed, or often cash out
"Look at you cashouts! You just sit around and get cashed all day!"

"wow man youre cashin out! What a bunch of cashouts"
by OG Gooch Man February 28, 2009

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