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An event which takes place on the internet with three or more participants that is funny, but clearly motivated by unsavoury and morally bereft inclinations and means and would likely be considered offensive by other, more sensitive individuals.
P1: omg, ur a f*ckin f*g.
p2: f*ck you, f*g.

p3: f*ck you both, you're both f*gs.
p4: f*ck you n*ggers, you're all n*gger f*g k*kes!
Ghett0: Jesus Christ, what a f*ckin 'lolercaust. Will you guys give it a rest before you get yourselves banned?
by OG Ghett0 May 21, 2009
An adjective describing an individual who, through history of actions, words, and/or negligence, has become known for treating others with disrespect and showing blatant disregard for their well-being despite being aware of the consequences of their actions.

The individual excuses this behavior in themselves citing privilege, status, or a sense of entitlement as eschewing them from the essential human decency expected and afforded to the average human being.
"Did that dude really just flash his junk at an anti-rape rally?"

"Yeah, he did. I hear his dad is a judge and his mom is some hot-shot lawyer."

"Oooohhhh, so he's Hamptarded."

by OG Ghett0 October 26, 2012

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