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A town in New Jersey where i live. G-dora is a nice lil town and is home to middle-class people. There aint really shit to do nowadays, because me and all my boys grew up and shit, but when we were younger we used to have bangers at the Tressel, which is now the future home of the bullshit RUNNEMEDE bike trail..gay. Also, its the home of my infamous, Glendora school. ( MR. LUCAS WAS THE WORST TEACHER EVER, ASK KERN.)But yea, Bill Gears used to be there until he got too old, well he was already in his late 100's haha, but the hoagies were bangin. Until we found some of his knuckle hair in a sandwich one time and we all stopped goin there for good. Now, Glendora is full of kids who think they're in Camden or some shit and who try to act hard. It's a pretty big shame if you think about it but, whatever dude that shit aint gonna phase me, Glendora still my home tho and i aint ashamed of shit. Except for the low life kids around here who think they're untouchable until they get their heads boxed off. LATE! ( cool glendora saying) HAAA
G: yo whats good im in Glendora right now chillen.
R: oh word, tell them Glendora niggas they aint hard, they softer then my silk pillow.
G: yea, i feel you. ill definatly let them niggas know, im bout to come around here wit da pump shotty jus to remind them they aint in the hood
by ODV April 13, 2009

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