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2 definitions by O Ski

The phenomenon known to commonly occur in males, when the heart cannot support the pumping of blood to both the brain and the erect penis. This often times causes a "blackout" period, from which the male wakes up in the middle of coitus with someone he may have normally never considered.
I was sitting at home playin with my cock, next think you know, I'm on top of that fat bitch Tracy! Must have went into a goddamn boner coma, cause I wouldn't fuck her with a stolen dick!
by O Ski August 30, 2007
The act of placing a curse on your opponent during a game of beirut (commonly known as beer pong). The player placing the curse simply waves his or her hand over the cups on their side while saying "voodoo hex." This places a protective field over the cups being shot at.
Don't even try to make that shit, cause I'm voodoo hexing it.
by O Ski August 30, 2007