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Any amount of money, either in general- "i'm out of quail" or more specific- "i need ten quail for that hat." Words such as this are usualy used in an attempt to bewilder anyone who may be listening in on your conversation- "what ho lovely ones, i'm in need of some poaching quail for the photostatamy! = Hi people, can i borrow some money for the photocopier. quail=cash
dude gimmie some quail
by NymphetaminexGirl April 03, 2008
Religion that comes in realy handy, for example in P.E, when your teacher yells at you to take the bow out of your hair for health and safety reasons, you say "sorry but no. It is religious ornamentation" they respond with "what religion would that be?" and you say "emmaism, its the new christianity"
In our new politicaly correct society, said teacher would be unable to deny that emmaism exists, for that could be called spiritual intolerence, and may deserve a ticking off!
(does not always work-some teachers are just wankers)
P.E teacher: Emma, remove those bracelets, we are playing cricket today, and you are a health hazard!

Me: Nope sorry, its religious ornamentation, i'm practicing Emmaism.

P.E teacher: Fine, leave them on. (to self) bloody hate that child

by NymphetaminexGirl April 07, 2008

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