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Tits sagging so bad You have to be careful they dont get caught in your zipper when zipping up your pants or shoes when tying your laces
Some examples of zippered nipples or laced nipple syndrome are:
Queen Latifah
Oprah Winfrey
Rosie O'donell
the fat guy on the street
#breasticles #juggijotas #turrananipplex #fat boobs #sagging breasts
by Nutty irish sicko June 09, 2009
American Society for the Perpetration of Cruelty to Toilet Seats
A.S.P.C.T.S. examples of
Bitte Im Sitzen PinKeln
Pissy ass Bastard
piss poor aim
#pissen quicken #bad circumcission #pissing bastard #fucked up pissy ass bastard #piss poor.
by Nutty irish Sicko June 20, 2009
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