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to get rid of the blubber ie. the fat
Gary grabs his girlfriends waist while she's at an awkward position....
Girlfriend:"stop it Gary, I need to deblubbatize"
Gary:"Hit the gym yet ?"
Adawg:"Yes, I'm in the process of deblubbatizing"
by Nush November 14, 2005
Clinically diagnosed by Dr.Seuss himself to be mentally unstable enough to be a very unique specimen. Also responds to "kavya" Looks like a lizard in Its youth. Has large eyes but due to an optical illusion of skin covering most of it..it looks like It has got small eyes which turns microscopic when It laughs. A definite starecase.Uses the word "men" at the end of sentences like other species of Its kind. Bakes rather than getting baked. We can do both equally..In time. Glows like an electric fence hooked to a billion volts of Nuclear Power which is only used to keep people out rather than in. Owes someone a Beer hat. Not too old for Peter Pan, not too young for Dr.Hook..Perfect timing, give or take a few years. Messy when It is relaxing. Colorful and colorless at different times that it's enough to estimate Itself to be transparent. "So why explain?" It thinks.But take Its own experience as advice..it's much more comfortable to let someone on your rubixcouch to relax and be messy enough to spill your secrets.Favorite leisure time activities include taking a look at Itself through a TV screen,soundtracking "Major lazer" in a snowy lane which it blends with, perfectly as it fades into the white..no more distinguishable. It could time travel all It wants with me but I wouldn't want my time to actually travel.
Known to be adventurous as It tries to find meaning in a world full Alice's dreams with Its trusted sidekick Puki.Like Shaggy and Scooby or more like Snoopy and Scooby as it resembles Snoopy a bit (you can reminisce about Japan all you want aunty). Extremely slow at getting jokes. Advertisement in the classifieds for a smart white horse. Magic will happen.. a bit less temporarily so it would seem permanent. Cuz it's all about perception and really bad jokes that you don't want to laugh to, but you do anyway cuz they are so stupid. Those are the ones you will remember. Like Rachel and Ross together at the end. Don’t live life, live laugh. I swear It could swear all It wants as It raps along to all Its honesty. Has a fondness for simplicity. If I traced its outlines on a blank paper it would read "spotless" unlike razorboy.Consumes fruits. Has extensive beautiful thoughts and reminds people of an Eternal Summering in Rivendale (An invented season in a different dimension between Summer and Spring) ..Eternally electric, in a world where everything has its season.

hummy( short for hummingbird)-the name that I will call it by.
It:i'm sorry but only certain people get to call me hummy"

gimhaneedle-weapon of fury it uses to sting people
Gossipy girl 1: "her arguements were so stupid..she had enough of that fat bitch in tight shorts ..she used her gimhaneedle "
Gossipy girl 2:"OMG really?"
by nush February 15, 2014

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