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oh my lanta-- the coolest phrase ever
also see my deff for oh my lanta
H:"oml, conR that was amazing"
C:"wat does oml mean?"
H:"Oh- My- Lanta.....duh..."
c:"oh ok"
actual aim conversatition
by Nun'Ya Biz'Niz October 09, 2006
the best flipping phrase ever....from the movie the ringer....usually used when words are beond your reach, and this is basically all your mind can handel saying....
fat glasses guy: oh my lanta you are my woman...
lunch lady: *walk away fast*

Laura: i cant believe that ethan didnt come to the movies with us tonight......
Hillary: ya...me and ethan were totally going to make out, oh my lanta i cant believe he missed it....
Laura:ya i know...i was going to make out with him two
*phone* (its ethan)
Ethan: sorry i couldnt come to the movies with you guys....
Laura: ita ok ... but you were totally going to get to make ot with Hillary and Me both tonight...
Ethan: dont make it worse for me....oh my lanta...
Hillary: ya Ethan i thought you were going to be my date since Daniel was grounded!!!!
Ethan: Im sorry, can i make it up to you guys in any way?
Laura & Hillary: *thinking deviously* welll.......
(the story is what you want it to be from here)
by Nun'Ya Biz'Niz October 07, 2006

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