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The worst of the boys out there- Mike.
He's adorable, sweet, and kind. Easy to love and fall in love with, and he makes you give him your all with complete willingness. But in reality, he doesn't even care about you, he's embarrassed of you, won't talk to you in certain publics, and won't message you back. He will avoid you at all costs unless he has no way out. A complete heart breaker, and a self centered asshole who fucks around with your friends. And a waste of time. Stay away from Mikes.
I'm sorry that boy broke your heart, is just how they are. A Mike.
#michael #nolan #bitch #cunt #liar #heart breaker
by number 00.7 August 11, 2011
He's cute at first, kind of annoying and obnoxious, sort of embarrassing, but cute in many ways. You think he's quite a gentleman until he lies his way out of things and likes your best friends but lies about it. He lies, and will abuse you emotionally. And won't listen to a word you say. Also sort of a wanna be emo kid,whiney and stuff. Beware of Justin, they'll deceive you and lead you on just to tear you down.
Beware of Justins
#justin #mike #liar #player #leading on #bitch
by number 00.7 August 11, 2011
Commonly known as a super bitchy self-centered teenage slut. One of the worst kinds of liars. All she cares about is herself and her loose not so virgin virginity. She'll date and flirt with guys if single or not; watch out boys, she'll date your friends, or your brothers.
Whoa, look at her, simply a disgrace to humanity. Possibly worse than Osama.

Well damn, she must be a Cassie.
#cassie #bitch #skank #slut #liar #cassidy #cunt
by Number 00.7 August 11, 2011
Self centered and boy crazed, whore and really annoying. Just stay away from them, they just suck up your time and annoy the shit out of everyone around. They whine bitch and moan about random boys and she's too dramatic with everything.
Do yourself a favor, stay away from that Selena girl.
#selena #bitch #annoying #cunt #cassie #mike #justin #sammie
by number 00.7 August 11, 2011
She'll act all sweet and innocent, make you feel bad and cater to her whims, and make you feel like you're best friends. But really, she leaves you working on the relationship and treats you like a bag of shit and doesn't tell you jack shit. A total hypocrite and liar, and heart breaker. She uses and abuses and is full of empty promises.
Total Sammie right there.
#liar #fake #friends #sammie #samantha #bitch
by Number 00.7 August 11, 2011
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