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to be deffenderferred means to have your Facebook status, pics, links, etc. ruined by the comments of one person, whom is not liked by many, to which NO ONE else posts a reply or comment; or the status thread that had been ongoing comes to a halt once this certain person comments.
Miranda and Dee were commenting on the most recent update from the WJJO fanpage when it all of a sudden it was deffenderferred, stopping all conversation.
by number#2 August 28, 2010
to 'pull a Hoff' refers to the actions and mannerisms of David Hasselhoff; to be a highly functioning alcoholic.
Miranda and Elysia had no intentions of pulling a Hoff last night, but when they woke up in the morning NOT feeling like P. Diddy, they knew they'd pulled a Hoff.
by number#2 August 29, 2010
When a Jewish person uses Google
Dude, stop calling it Google! Can't you see that I am Jewish?! Therefore, it's Jewgle.
by Number#2 March 23, 2011

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