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A hideous female companion of a Navy person in the Groton CT area. On the prowel for Navy sailors attending school or stationed in Groton, CT. Looking to nail that young subschooler virgin for the first time and use him for his benefits and/or monetary resources. Usually fat, always ugly. Sometimes unexplainably stuck up, and arrogant without a cause. Should never be allowed to reproduce. Any Nuke stationed in the area is taken aback by how ugly these women are since they didnt attend subschool.
Sailor 1: Dude, we gotta go looking for chicks tonight
Sailor 2: Yeah that's cool, but we gotta steer clear of any grotopotamus uglies!
Sailor 3(pathetic subschooler destined to get one knocked up): i'll take one for the team!
by NukeLight December 12, 2009

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