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French name for "shoe".
Mate mes nouvelles godasses! Les vieilles étaient usées jusqu'à plus soif.
by Nuino January 20, 2006
Idiom used for its emotional-releasing qualities. Also used in non-francophone cultures via immigrants that came to Montreal, catched some french, and then got back to their native lands laden with a few bucks and high hopes of finally opening their shop, and not being slapped by mamma for being late for dinner. Its subtle religious consonance makes it delicate to use on a regular basis (as opposite to the handy fuck), but we usually manage to get enough purposeful occasions in a week to say a good "Tabarnak".

The malay cook is trying to catch up with the delicate task of cooking ten Pad Thai at the same time (in a context of personel compressions in the charming small exotic restaurant) He violently jumps as an angry waiter comes in and yells "why is there chop suey in the dish for table 57???", spreading the whole barrel of oil into the painstakingly cut green peppers. Quoth the man:

by Nuino January 01, 2006

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