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Derived from the words (mandem) and (gash). Gashdem originates from the UK ghettos of Welwyn and Stevenage.
Jack da Rippa: "Ra bredrin, check out dem tick gashdem over dere"
Notorious C: "Seen bruv, i juiced dat da other week"
by Ntotrious C May 13, 2005
The paranoid fealing one gets after smoking a fatty boombatty.

Originating from the mean streets of Welwyn, Uk, in the late 90's, Prangz is frequently used amongst stoners and general rude boys.
"Wow blud i'm bare prangzed right now!"
"Allow that i'm pranged out"
by Ntotrious C May 15, 2005
1) A long period of time.

Derived from the popular phrase (longting), longtemps is a strange variation, with no difference in meaning, that is rarely heard outside the area of it's origin St.Albans/Hertfordshire UK.
"Allow blud, dat be longtemps!"
by Ntotrious C May 14, 2005

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