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A Floorsexual or Floorophile is someone whom has a great love of carpet. It was first discovered by a Fanfiction writer xXKanpekiXx, whom described Near (A child detective from Note) as a Floorophile.

It is often thought that Floorsexuals have with their carpet. This however is not true, they have what is called a "Flo ." No flooring is harmed during this.
Another commonly thought mistake is that they love all flooring. In reality, they only like carpets. Floorophiles (And I mean ) hardwood flooring.

They do not like going outside, because of the lack of carpet. And are usually pale with white hair.

They are not related to sheep, though have a very similar appearance. (Aka, nose to the ground, curly white hair, short)
"Invented" by xXKanpekiXx (Fanfiction & Livejournal) in the story "Bitch Stepped on my Floor Cake" which is currently on-going.
A young white haired boy is laying, face down on the carpet. This is a floorsexual.
by NowakiStar October 28, 2010

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