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You must have perfect timing to pull this off. You must wait untill your oppenents head is approximatley 3 in. from your face. Then headbutt them in the forehead/face with your forehead.
I pulled a Sailor's Salute on that bastard in the fight and he went down fast, holding his aching head.
by Nova_gnome October 23, 2008
A really large, scray-looking breakfast to wake you up from a hangover, or just to eat because it's damn delicious. It's Dippy eggs (sunny side up) with hash browns, spicy-ass chili, and onions (optional) with sour cream (optional).
Jew: Damn, that was a gooshcloggin of a breakfast, oh vey!

Regular Person: I know, that gawd awful's absolutely delicious!
by Nova_gnome October 23, 2008

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