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When you have vigorous, hot sex in the bum bum for many hours and well into the night
I had bumbum sexytime with Carmen all last night
by Nour and Devin June 20, 2008
When two World of Warcraft nerds are playing WOW on their laptops and then one of them gets a sudden urge to fuck their friend in the tight nerdling dingleberry anus.
Wow man those 2 nerds at our school had gay elf sex last night and they put it on youtube. One of them was riding the other's dingleberry anus and yelling "WOW! 4life!"
by Nour and Devin June 20, 2008
the sergent that commands all of the homosexual sex orgees that go on secretly in the bunks of military bases
Supreme Commander Johnson made sure everyone was doing their job while Bill and Ted were secretly fucking in the bunks of Fort Knox
by Nour and Devin June 20, 2008

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