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3 definitions by Noticatoxin

People who stand in one spot with a look of pain on their face swinging and moving uncontrollably. Usually drugs, sometimes crazy.
Crawling through a raspberry patch in shorts on all fours. Getting stung by various bugs and getting pricked by thorns, normally found on 118th Ave in Edmonton. Raspberry pickers are often prostitutes or scary people.
by Noticatoxin January 15, 2011
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Another name for Edmonton Alberta, thanks to the stupidity of the drivers , the retards who stab with no reason or beg for change when there are many jobs ext.
Imbredmonton capital city of Alberta , place of many rejects.
by Noticatoxin January 15, 2011
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An early morning walk by a junkie, in search of a final fix.
Epileptic scarecrow type person usually walking erratically during breakfast hours high outta their mind, known as doing the Breakfast walk
by Noticatoxin January 15, 2011
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