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To defecate into a woman's pussy.
I space docked your momma last night and went to sleep.
by NothinButDaTruth April 17, 2006
About 96% of the female population. They will lie, cheat,steal,fuck,blow, and sometimes even kill to get you for all your shit. She wants everything, even your soul. Nothing is safe within the prescence of a good golddigger. The whore will use you up and suck you dry and move on to the next unsuspecting victim. This woman is very dangerous, remember the words "Prenuptial Agreement" to ward off this slut bag cum dumpster.
Last night I finally told Joe that we all think his butter-face girl ain't nothin but a trick-ass golddigger.
by NothinButDaTruth April 17, 2006
Your slutty excuse for a mother!
Last night that bitch mother of your's slobbed my knob for an eightball of ajax, sometimes that crack whore amazes even me.
by NothinButDaTruth April 17, 2006
A bitch ass dude is who is domintated by his woman in all aspects of life. Many times the slut will string several of these unsuspecting and clueless men along in order to pay the bills, cuz we all know ho's don't wanna work. The mark-ass bitch will gladly give the slut all his money and time in exchange for her pretending to be faithful. This type of man will not get your back in a fight, he still will cock-block you if given an opportunity, he will tell his girl all your secrets that he knows and lie to you about it later. This person is a total piece of shit, pathetic excuse for the superior sex of our species. A failure, a dirt bag.
See Also: Mark-ass buster
I can't believe that mark-ass bitch didn't come to your bachelor party cuz he had to babysit her kid while she went to conjugal visit it's daddy in jail.
by NothinButDaTruth April 17, 2006
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