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A small town in massachusetts that basically revolves around the high school also known as Dartmouth High and sports acievements. In dartmouth if you don't do any extra curriculars your probably a stoner. It is a place where people are upper middle class to very rich ex if you live in the village you have a shit ton of money It is a place all about shcool spirit and theres way too much green and trees there. Its a pretty beautiful place but its shitty because there nothing to do and if you do anything different then anybody else people look at you funny. Everyone goes to the same churches, the stupid mall, or sports games. Anyone that knowns what good for them will get out of Dartmouth after high school. Unless you want to end up runnning for something or being a teacher.
I'm so sick of the people in Dartmouth
by Notforc May 01, 2011

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