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Obsessive to their children grade. If you want to know the "Asian Grade System" then here:
95%-100% - Good, keep up the good work.
90%-95% - Why didn't you get 100?
85%-90 - They will give you a lecture.
80%-85% - They will give you a harsh lecture.
75%-80%- They will make you cry by yelling at you or hurt you (trust me, my brother, 20 years old still have tears when he was yelled at)
70%-75% - They might hurt you badly or take away your stuff.
65%-70% - They will hurt you real bad and will talk to your teacher
60%-65% - They will hurt you real bad and will not talk to you for a long period of time.
60% lower - A big fat 0 between you and your parents.
Some other bad things that Asian kids hate are:
No 10:00 PM up.
No go outside at night.
No long hair.
No B,C,D,F.
No game or less amount of gaming.
To summarize all, NO FREEDOM.
Well, if you read this much, you probably thoughthat Asian parents are stupid. But actually, here's the truth about them:
They love you.
They just want good future for you.
They yell and lecture you because they want you to learn a lesson.
When you gt a bruise, they will recover it for you.
I'm an Asian myself, and when I was a kid, I hate my patents. But then I realize, that they are not devils. Hope this help!
Asian Parents: Hey son, where your report card?
Kid: *give report card*
Asian Parents: A... A... A... A... B(on math). *put down report card*
Asian Parents: You are a disgrace to the Vietnam. B? On Math? Stupid!

Kid: *fall from a three feet high wall*
Asian Parents: OMG son!
by Notasbad March 14, 2012

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