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This is rock bottom. In a town full of dirt and trash, the place looks like iraq but worse. The people in cinnaminson are the weirdest people youll ever see in your life. Cases of cross-dressing, crackheads, and rape have been reported several times. The only thing to do in this town is walk to wawa get a coke and go home. The high school consists of morons and whores who fuck all the morons. Theres not a tad bit of intelligence in the whole town so dont expect a good conversation when out and about. Every single kid resorts to marijuana and alcohol and its likely that under 2% of the students will leave the state.
average cinnaminson day:
Person 1: Hey, im bored, where should we go?
Person 2: wawa.
Person 1: what then?
Person 2: get high
Person 3: i hate my life.
by Not_trying_to_get_fucked_up22 December 16, 2008

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