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A completely awesome person. She doesn't walk to the store to buy bacon cheeseburgers. She flies on a magically-enhanced narwhal that's actually a unicorn disguised as a hawk that spits out rainbows and fires lasers. When she gets to the store, she just strolls in on a dragon and takes the bacon cheeseburger. Forget paying, she owns every company in the entire universe. Everyone bows down to Queen Vivee, Mother of Awesomeness.

J.K. Rowling made Hogwarts just for her.

There's only one Vivee in the world.

...Also, she likes cute stuff and the Xzibit meme.
1: Who's that awesome person?
2: That's Vivee.
1: *bows down*
by NotThatOnePerson August 21, 2012

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