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Yes, with two "t"'s. Different from all of the other grey, bland "Harriets". Harriett is a (very) smart, independent, shy, beautiful woman who doesn't even know it. She's got a great sense of humor, music, and more. She has a god damn amazing body, but will never accept it. She also won't accept the fact that she's very easy on the eyes. Her laugh is also one of the cutest things in the world, and would make a republican smile. Not to mention her voice is music to most anyone's ears. She also finds peace in Television and some games, opposite her countless airhead, size negative three counterparts. If you've ever been stupid enough to start acting depressed around her when she was one of the only things that made you happy in today's world, than you're an idiot.
Harriett: I'm mank and fat.

Man: Harriett! You aren't fat, mank, dumb, any of that! For the billionth time you are the perfect girl, my god!

Harriett: I like trains

by NotMyRealNameAtAllWhatsoever December 09, 2011

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