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When a fanboy or fangirl watches the last Harry Potter movie, they are overtaken with severe depression, usually characterized by five stages: denial, pain, anger, depression, and acceptance.

Some anti-depressants to Post-Potter Depression are watching A Very Potter Musical AVPM or A Very Potter Sequel AVPS, rereading the books or rewatching the movies, or curling up in the fetal position, drowning you sorrows with hard liquor, and praying for an acceptance-letter baring owl.

It is quite a tragedy to behold. During this period, and after, Twilight must be no where in the vicinity. The mockingness of the awful acting will send the sufferer into a deeper depression, restarting the cycle anew.
The five stages of Post-Potter Depression

Denial: "No! It's not over! And...and Dumbledore isn't dead! Yes! Neither is Dobby!"

Pain: "Why? Why? Oh cruel J.K Rowling, giving us this gift then yanking it away so quickly!"

Anger: "I'm going to murder Hollywood! Grah! And you too, kitty!" "Meow?" (an innocent cat may die. R.I.P kitty.)


Acceptance: "You know, this actually isn't so bad. In fact, I--is that Robert Pattinson?"

(then back to Denial)
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