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Maple Story cartoony anime game made in korea basically about killing monsters.Suprisingly addicting I reccomend you might not want to play unless you can control your addiction and yeah it's over run by a bunch of ignorant kids and stupid Naruto fans.A game features a cash shop full of cloths,Double EXP cards,Super mega phones and other useless items the devilish company of Nexon want kids to buy even if they did steal they'er parents credit card or hacked they'er PayPal acount.
is basically killing monster which is a cycle,kill monster "Wooooooooooooot i got lvl up lololololz ^_____^"
however there is a thing called a Party quest also know as pq@@@@@ which is suposed help which it does up until a certain level and plus the community is the big problem other that it slows down at level 40 unless you're a hacker which can get to level 70 in a week.
Maplers attend to have various phrases towards others such as
Person whos 3 levels higher than you:omg ur a noob
Random and desprit girl/guy: WANNA BE MY GF/BF,(or looking for gf/bf@@@@@@@@@@@)
Stupid:CC Plz (it means change channel if you did not know)
Moron: hey everybody defame xxx (insert reason why)
Noob: mesos plox (even high levels does this dressed up like "noobs")
To handle the jerks on Maple Story is either don't type anything to them or tell them Naruto sucks that will make them real mad or better yet ask how did they get they'er Nexon item then tell them they stole they're mommy's credit card.
So as you can see little kids who act like they have balls play this game.
After getting beat in a card game on Maple story
Stupid:omfg u cheated,turn the cheats off,i report u
Smart person: Wow how old you and did you flunk grammer school?
by NotBroken August 28, 2007

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