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When a person (usually a teen/young adult) has difficulties in life, they may resort to cutting themselves. This is exactly how it sounds, using a sharp object - any sharp object, often - and take it to your wrist/arm and cut yourself. This action becomes addicting after a while, and gives the cutter a "rush" and often makes them feel better.

Despite what many self-indulged non-cutters may say and beleive, it is not an act of "jumping on the bandwagon" and "fake troubles". Many times it is because they are abused or suffering from depression(the freaking President's daughter can get depression! Many times it has nothing to do with your lifestyle! GOSH!)

I mean tell me something. Would YOU take a knife/razor etc. and slice your arm up JUST TO BE COOL? This is NOT a fashion statement! This is NOT just to look cool! They are DEALING WITH THEIR PROBLEMS. Please, think before you post some stupid remark like many of these are.

Cutting is dealing with your emotions, not doing what everyone else does. Youre getting it confused with Abercrombie & Fitch.
Melissa, I have to tell you something. My dad..he hits me..and I started cutting. Please don't tell anyone!

Because remember, not everything is really what it seems on the outdide. The girl next door watches her dad beat her mom every night. You don't know what goes on underneath.
by NotAnotherTeenMassacre June 20, 2006

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